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Topic: Why I hate Microsoft at the moment
My current reason to hate Microsoft: They give us this awesome implementation of C++ - granted, it's nothing like C++, but they're still calling it C++ - it's more like C++...#.

But yeah, we have this nice language, provided you use it with .NET CLR - and they'll love telling us that CLI is cross platform... buttttt... there's no implemntations to execute it other than on Windows.

Kinda takes away the cross platform argument when nothing else can run it, and they're certainly not going to support running it on anything else other than Windows.

While we're on that, I'm pretty sure STL.NET will make evangelist 'standard' C++ programmers furious :P
Microsoft don't seem to want to do things for people like me though, who want to develop stuff USING their new architectures, but not for it - that is, using the .NET Framework, but not using .NET CLR - I want a plain old portable C++ application. Shame.
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