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Topic: WoW 'Oceanic' servers.
So Blizzard decided they give us some "oceanic" WoW servers. Of course, they're still located on the West Coast of the US.

As you might expect, the Aussie population have expressed extreme displeasure, and have resorted to whinging on the forums about it, but this post caught my attention :)

What the hell? Americans sweat and spill blood for Australian freedom in the Industrial Revolution of 1735 AD, and this is the thanks we get? You're going to call us out and make us look bad to the world here?

My great-great-grandfather recieved the Bronze Star for single-handedly taking out a Morrocan bunker south of Venice and reconnecting the Australian supply lines so that your great-great-grandparents wouldn't starve to death. SINGLE-HANDEDLY!!

And today was Veteran's Day...for shame Australia...for shame![source]

I'm quietly pondering whether any of the crew of the first fleet would have even been born in 1735 :D
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