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Topic: The Comfest List
Well, here it is. There's a few I'm sorta sitting on the fence on, and may not actually get around to going to, but this is more or less the intended list of shows to go see at the Comedy Festival.

Adam Hills - Characterful
Akmal Saleh - Akmal
Andrew McClelland's Mixed Tape
Arj Barker - Unmitigated
Best of the Edinburgh Fest
Daniel Kitson
Danny Bhoy
Fiona O'Laughlin
Jimeoin & Bob Franklin serve up The Cooking Show
Ross Noble - Randomist
Scared Weird Little Guys in Mindless Stupidity for the Thinking Person
Stephen K Amos
Tom Gleeson - Non Stop Tom
Tripod in Self Saucing
Up there, Cal Wilson
Upfront 12
Wil Anderson - Wil Communication

Edit: Ones which are struck out are maybes.
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Great help here. I loved it and looking for your more discusisons
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