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Topic: Glassfish lives
Seven reinstalls and setups later, I've finally managed to get glassfish working with our platform here - but there's two problems.

The first is that for some reason, after getting it working, it completely breaks the asadmin control panel, so I have to hand-edit any settings in the config file.
But the most disturbing problem is that I don't know what I did differently this time to ensure that it works! As far as I'm aware, I did everyone as close to how it had been set up every other time, yet every other time ended up failing to start or having some other problem and just generally not working! ;/

Anyhow, clearly some things with Flash Remoting and Glassfish don't want to play nice together. But at least they do actually work.
(Hint: don't use flashgateway.ear - extract it as a jar instead and put the mappings in your own web.xml).
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