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Topic: Bloody Magpies
I've had a few comments about my facebook status updates for the last few days. For those unaware, the three in question look like this:


Tim is wondering if it's worth paying to have a magpie relocated. 5:17pm

Tim is going to kill that bloody magpie, I swear... 10:15am
September 30

Tim is pissed off at swooping magpies. 4:14pm

Comments include "What did the magpies ever do to you?!" and "but magpies are so cute, and pretty sounding!"

Okay, let me be clear about something - me being covered in blood is not conducive to making my opinion of magpies into being "they're cute".

For the last few months now, there's been one particular magpie which has been swooping me as I've ridden by. On Saturday though he got me good on the third swoop, and even though I only ended up with a tiny scratch, it was enough to bleed like crazy - 3km into a 90km ride.
The same magpie almost got me on the way home at the same place, and managed to get me on one out of two attempts this morning.

Oh, and those updates were made before the one which tried to get me along the Yarra trail on the way home this evening.

Hopefully that sheds some light on my current hatred of magpies.
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