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Topic: Leopard - What's the big deal?
So this morning I get into work early and am greeted by an Apple announcement that Leopard is set to ship later this month. That's fine, and it's been all hyped, but after looking over the features list I just don't quite get what all the fuss is about.

Obviously one of the biggest additions is Spaces (and perhaps Time Machine), but really without some getting used to it, I don't see myself using Spaces at this point in time.

Apple claim there's 300 'new' features, but how "Control Exposé with any button on your mouse." constitutes a new feature considering I already have Exposé bound to mouse5, I'm unsure. Other than perhaps Spaces, the list of things I find particularly interesting or useful though... well, I think I can list those on one hand:
- Dashcode
- Photo booth can now record video (which is only MAYBE useful).
- Mail now has RSS support... but unless it squashes Vienna, so what?

OSX Server looks a tad more interesting, with CalDAV (think synchronized calendars) and a Wiki server (though nothing I couldn't already download and just install).

Unfortunately they're really failed to address what OSX is really missing - Mail+iCal still fall way short on Outlook because it's missing a usable to-do list. Networking on Macs is still confusing and barely functional. It'd be nice for it to also have a *good* task scheduler, and maybe even a nice easy to use/auto scheduling backup tool.

Sadly those blinded by being Mac fans will disagree and see it an absolutely necessary upgrade - and though I'm not saying I won't upgrade eventually, right now I'm just failing to see the media fuss.
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