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Topic: Victorian Enduro Series #8 - Officer
Probably the first time I really wasn't keen on racing came this weekend just gone - the Officer 6 hour was scheduled for the end of the year, last round of the season, and presented an opportunity to improve on points (being a best 6 of 8 system). But without any real enthusiasm leading up to the race, having gone on a club ride the night before (and ridden home), and having felt extremely tired all week with no power at crits, it didn't take long to realize there was no way I was going to ride it out. While I could have done an XCO race (and still smashed myself), there was no way I felt like I'd be able to do 6 hours and recover any time soon.

Heading up the first climb I started in the top 10, but pacing myself slowly up the hill everyone else passed from all sides. By the top of the hill I was mid way down the field - not a problem since I was mindful of the 6 hours to come, but at that point I had no idea this would be the toughest enduro course on the calendar.

By about 10 minutes in though, on what was last year known as "bitch climb no more", I found myself unable to get traction with the new geometry and tyre setup I'd chosen - ~13 laps (the target) of that was unappealing. It only took for me to get to the base of the hill to decide I'd had enough - I wasn't out of breath, my legs weren't hurting, I just felt like I wasn't producing any significant amount of power. So from there I decided that was it, and cruised back for the rest of the lap, saving energy.

So I spent some time out on the course with the camera, which was significantly boring given the low track density, and then the rest of it was either chatting to random people or sitting around helping feed Simon or Carson, who was using the event to train for a 24 hour solo in two weeks time. There was some temptation to head out with Carson and do a slow lap, as his lap times had dropped from 24s at the start to 35s by the 5 hour mark, but the enthusiasm stopped by the time I undid my shoelaces and got half-way through swapping shoes.

For this year that's all for the Enduro series - I have to decide whether to go up to Bendigo this weekend. I had originally planned to catch a train up there on Saturday, but it now turns out Connex have other ideas. And then there's that little issue of me being too tired to race - no decision has been made yet. Either way, the only riding before the weekend will be the crits this week - last week in B grade. Would have been nice to finish up with a win, but that won't happen in my current state.

We'll see.
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