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Topic: Bendigo
Given that I've been so tired lately and may actually be getting sick, it looks like Bendigo is off for this weekend despite the fact that I had been looking forward to Cyclismo for ages. The plan had been to go up and race Sport A just to see where I would place, and see whether it was appropriate to race Expert for the rest of the season. Beaconsfield is a venue I've never been particularly quick at, so that wasn't going to be a good gauge.

But it looks like I'm also striking a lot of the rest of the Victorian State Series off the calendar. With so many races on it next year, combined with Nationals and the Vic Enduro series, it just adds too much - and that's before even considering that the rounds are in venues like Forest, Castlemaine, Albury, Mt Buller (where there's a Nats round being held anyway). Right now it looks like I'll only compete Beaconsfield and You Yangs.

Still need to keep the fitness up though until end of December, after which time I can rest for a few weeks. We'll see what happens. Crits tonight will tell a bit more.
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