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Topic: The worst race ever
Ever since the week before the Surf Coast I've been feeling pretty worn down, and the week after at the first Nationals round was pretty terrible. Even with weekends off to recover I've still felt flat, and even though I was hoping that taking it easy for the week before crits this week would help recover, it certainly didn't. The pace I had on Thursday had to be my worst race ever. Or at least based on where I should have been.

Through the technical stuff it wasn't too bad - in fact I was getting well and truly held up by others through anything windy. But as soon as we got to anything flat or open, especially up the hills, I was just completely dead - being passed like I was sitting still. On the second last lap I managed to drop my chain while avoiding a rider much slower over the new log rollover, and and on the last lap came off in such a way my leg cramped up, and by that point was completely out of energy - my lap time being one that would have put be down the back of C grade.

The result of Thursday was me finishing second last, and getting me just enough points to only drop me from 7th to 10th place in the series - with Paul only a point behind.

I'd already decided I was heading to the doctor the next morning, but this just confirmed it to be necessary - fortunately I walked out of there with some details which had us pretty confident on what the problem is. Sat around in waiting rooms for an eternity before they could take some blood, and I'll know for certain on Monday what the story is (though we're already 90% certain).
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