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Topic: Bouncing back (slowly)
As people know by now, I decided to sit the Bendigo round out. Looking at the results though the grades are all over the place. Consto and James, who came 1st and 3rd in the series in Sport B last year once again raced Sport B, but with times that would put them in the top 5 in Sport A. That pretty much confirms to me that for the two rounds I actually do I'll skip Sport A this year and just race at the back of Expert.

So on Friday I'd had a trip to the doctor and tests done, but the gist of what's come out of that means "eat more red meat". And dried apricots. Lots of dried apricots. After sitting back and trying to rest over the weekend, thismorning would be used just to gauge how I was feeling. Leaving in 9.5 degree weather meant I had to dig into my already packed luggage for this weekend to find arm warmers, but all up the result? Actually not bad.

I felt a little down on high end power (though I was only spinning in at a low heart rate, so didn't do much of that), but otherwise I felt pretty good. I figure where I'm lacking is just due to not having put in many ks or much intensity in the last 3 weeks, so that'll come back - if I look after myself, maybe even in time for the You Yangs round.

By the way, it should be pointed out that while I say 'low heart rate', that's just my estimation. A few weeks ago I lost my chest strap and transmitter while out at a Lysterfield working bee, so I've had to fork out $130 for a new one which is in the mail. Doh.
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