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Topic: Still recovering
Tomorrow I'll be once again sitting on the sidelines for a State Series round, as has been the plan for some time. In the last week I've had three trips to the doctor/hospital and a number of tests done, though I am starting to feel a bit better.

In general my heart rate is starting to come down to normal levels, though it's still going off the charts when I so much as lift an arm or stand up, so clearly I've still got a while to go before I can get back on the bike. The aim is to ensure my HR comes back down under 60 at all times before I consider getting back into any training - generally it's been in the mid 70s when sitting down to high 90s when standing up.

I may do a few short rides spinning slowly in about a week, to see how I feel, but most likely it'll involve no serious intensity at all. As a result of all this I'm completely looking again at how I train, and there'll be a new plan - if things improve on target, I'll et a single base cycle and a single build cycle in before Buller, each being around 3 weeks, then giving me another build cycle before Glenorchy.

Fingers crossed I start getting better though.
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