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Topic: The clothes make the man
After the short hit out this morning I headed off to do some shopping. The intent was to go buy a Garmin Edge 705 to be paired with the Powertap I'll be buying next month, but prices made me put that off - I'll get one either through my sponsor or from another supplier, as it'll be ~$100 cheaper that way, and I can wait a few weeks.

But while in the store I spotted something I've been unable to find for 18 months - anyone who's ridden with me knows I've always been extremely happy with Fox Dirtpaw gloves, but have always used either plain black ones, or the '07 Navy/Black ones.

Well, I finally found a pair in my size of the hard-to-get White/green ones, which will be saved for dry races due to them being white:

White Dirtpaw

Sweeeeet :)
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