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Topic: Recovery - Hill sprints
Thismorning I was up at a reasonable hour in order to get some base training in as part of the recovery plan. In the crit at the You Yangs my legs basically died any time I tried to put out any power at all, so what was planned here would be interesting to see what happened.

The results were certainly positive in contrast to that crit - though it's clear my fitness has plummetted.

See if you can tell where I completely died in the ass. The graph below shows 10 second hill sprints every 150 seconds.
1/20 hill sprints
The main difference in how I did this and how I probably should have was that I was doing 85%MHR as a recovery effort - which should have been down around 70. Oops? :)

Once I got to the top I had to decide whether to tack on to the back of the HCC group that had waited up the top before heading for The Wall - I chose instead to head home, rather than beating myself into the ground again.

Beach Road tomorrow.
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