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Topic: Lost in the hills
So after a long slumber, I've come back from a ride through the hills around Belgrave, Kallista, Emerald etc. While I'm back home in one piece despite the wet roads and Schwalbe Stelvio tyres that don't really like wet weather, I didn't actually end up going where I thought I was going.

Below is where I planned to go.

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Unfortunately my brilliant powers of winging it meant I actually ended up on a route looking more like this:

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To top it off, I discovered that Belgrave-Kallista road is unsealed road, which left a rather long section to be ridden, on a roadie, on loose gravel roads - drifting it sideways any time an oncoming car wanted to pass :P

I'm using this as evidence that I need to hurry up and get myself that Garmin Edge 705.
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