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Topic: Some semblence of training - Blackburn crits
At some point I guess it'll be time to start updating again - after results I just wasn't happy with throughout the Nationals series I felt better saying nothing than anything negative, so decided to leave any updates until the new season.

Since March I've taken time off the bike and now started working back in to things, but the time out of the saddle certainly has killed my fitness off - and though I'm now putting in plenty of hours at nice easy intensities, nothing is really being done at the high end currently. Helpful if I decide to ride from Melbourne to Canberra, not so useful if I want to do anything longer than a flying 200m.

Last months total riding amounted to 35 hours in the saddle, only 810km; this month, with still 9 days to go, I'm at 37 hours and 910km, and it's all marked 'Prep'. July 6th marks the start of my Base 1 block, with only really base training before the first major race - somewhat necessary as I have goals in September, October and January - a bit too spread out to be ideal. For those wondering, the three big events for me will be the 2009 Australian Marathon Championships, the SurfCoast 6 hour, and the Australian Mountain Bike Championships, with everything else being just icing on the cake.

Shortly you'll see a little report of what we came across yesterday later on, but todays hit out was the first of any real intensity for a while, not helped by the 270km I'd already done throughout the week and not recovered from. Rather than riding the Rock Hop, I decided to ride 45km to Casey Fields, race the crit, then ride to the Rock Hop to finish the day taking photos. Nothing worth really reporting other than that I'm now rather tired ;D

Anyhow - I'll be trying to get back into a more normal rythym, however more frequent smaller updates will come via

More soon.
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