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Topic: Cancelled rides all round
In theory, I was up for another big week on the bike, but with rain almost every day of the week, there was much more piking than biking. Tuesday's ride home involved a flat tyre while riding through the rain; Thursdays ride home was an even longer ride through the rain after crits.

Unfortunately I didn't pay perhaps as much attention as I should have to the steam coming off my front disc rotor on Tuesday on the same bike that was to be used today at Beaconsfield, where my 5 lap race came to a very quick conclusion on lap 1 with the absense of brakes. Turns out that horribly loud nouse wasn't without meaning, and I was riding metal-on-metal around a wet and muddy track involving 125 meters of descending every 4km lap.

So with so many rides cancelled (including yesterday), 7 hours has been all that was managed this week, down on 11 last week and 15 the week before. Next week is the start of 'proper' training though, which will be something of a requirement with Chase The Sun now only three weeks away.

Plans for this week:
Westgate XC crit on Thursday;
Casey Fields road crit on Saturday
Harkaway XCO race on Sunday. This time I'm hoping it's either much drier than the same event last year, or I'm taking a much smaller gear.
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