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Topic: Chase The Sun round 3
Ah yes, Sunday. Chase the Sun round 3, and the first solo enduro for me in 9 months. After only a month of decent training since being off the bike it was time to see where I was at, with a few more long distance events planned between now and the SurfCoast 6 Hour in late October.

The plan this time out wasn't anything over the top - just to ride it out for the six hours, and maybe finish top 20. It would also be used to try to pace myself - not go out too hard, don't blow up, and look after nutrition. That didn't go too bad, though I did find myself digging a bit too deep in the first lap or two.

CTS3 Berms

By the third lap I founds myself finding a pretty decent pace, pinning it through the berms and physically holding up fine, but the forth lap was a big problem with knee problems creeping in. That lasted a lap or two, but after adjusting my pedalling style slightly I got on with it, albeit a little slower.

Around that time was when a bit of competition kicked in - I found myself basically trading laps and riding the whole time with one other rider, occasionally passing each other through various sections. With two laps to go I had the suspicion it was going to be a race to the finish, so arranged a quick bottle change for the last lap.

That's about where it all went south. On the final lap I passed him through transition, and picked up the pace a bit through Blair Witch, but he simply just matched everything I put in and kept himself pinned to my rear wheel. I knew he would end up dropping me on the Trig Point climb as he did in the previous lap, so let him through having conceded defeat already, but as soon as I did that my body basically just went "okay, that's it - you're done"... and it was a very slow ride from there.

By the time I got to the M2006 course my lap was as at a point where on other laps I'd already be climbing Trig Point - and I was so empty I couldn't walk the M2006 rock garden or any of Trig Point - in fact, I could barely walk the bike up Trig Point. Basically, I'd completely hunger flat, and put myself further into the ground than I'd ever done before.


So yeah. Next enduro is the next round of Chase The Sun, followed by Castlemaine - which happens to be one of only two 6 hours I've ever not completed, so the aim is to actually finish this time.
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