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Topic: Castlemaine 6 Hour
In the past 12 months, the total number of team enduros I've done came to a massive zero. A call early in the week was to change this though, so instead of backing up six hour races two weeks in a row, I'd be pairing up with Leigh, in a team of which the name (No Clam Do) wasn't apparent to me until explained - that neither of us could ride 'the clam' at the You Yangs.

Leigh baby-sitting his two kids who were still rolling around after the kids race meant I was effectively nominated for the start. Well back in the field though meant quite a slow first lap, mostly caught in traffic - a good 4 minutes off the pace Leigh would go and set on his first time out.

That remained a similar story for most of the race - both of us setting seriously consistent times until I started to fatigue on my fifth lap. It wasn't until after the race I let on to Leigh that I'd been out on the KAOS store-ride/smashfest the day before :P

Throughout the day we had a few little battles being fought, the main contenders we were keeping our eyes on to beat being Chris/Brad and Andrew/Dan - typically I'd go out, get passed by one of Andrew/Dan, then Leigh would go out and make up the gap and put them behind us again - rinse and repeat a few times short of the mechanicals they had throughout the day.

The highlight lap for me was my forth. Early in the lap, at the end of the first climb, I caught Sarah and passed her thinking she'd fall back. We chatted for a bit, but then throughout the lap she just matched my pace the whole time - and I was pushing pretty hard at that point. Thoughout the lap I'd keep trying to go quicker and quicker, but the gap remained the same 25 meters or so the entire time.

But anyhow. In the end stayed upright, no blood spilt, and was generally getting quicker over technical terrain that doesn't suit me at all. Now from somewhere I just have to find two minutes a lap to beat some (any) of Leigh's lap times :)
Sadly this time there's no great shots of me - mostly because I piked and took the B lines each lap, photographers opting to stay pointed at the A lines.
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