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Topic: Last Minute Training
In the past few weeks there's not been too much racing. With nothing on weekends and opting to skip the final Dirt Riders Winter Series round in favour of a big training ride which I'm still feeling the effects of, and the Kona Dirt Crits being cancelled last week, training has consisted mostly of efforts up the 1/20 which is nice and close to home.

But after Saturday being a big smashfest, with a TSS of almost 300, Leigh decided we could go for a similar effort the following day. The plan was 80km (60 for us, as it's 10km to his place from here) and 1800 vertical meters - it didn't entirely work out that way.

You see, with my legs already being smashed from the day before, climbing 450 meter individual climbs really added to the fatigue. The trip looked a little something like this:

Yeah, it turned out to be 2100m over 65km, and boy was it a long day. By the final climb up Mt Dandenong I simply couldn't turn my legs over to get up the wet tree roots, so was relegated to walking.

So that was our last-minute training for the 2009 MTBA Marathon Championships to be held in Bendigo this weekend. Of course, there's still crits tonight, for which I'm seriously putting on mud tyres for, but then it'll be all rest until Sunday morning - 105km and 2375 vertical meters. Aiming for a top 5 in Open Men.
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