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Monday 6th August, 2007

Balmer Zune ad

If you've seen the 'Developers' video featuring Steve Balmer, this will most likely be entertaining to you - unfortunately though for the internal Microsoft creative who did this, it might have cost him his job (according to The Register).

Monday 28th May, 2007

Stargate Atlantis meets Line Rider

What do you get when you combine someone with a love for Stargate Atlantis, natural talent with Line Rider, and way too much spare time?

An Atlantis themed Lined Rider.

But I do agree one of the comments though:
go. out. side.

Friday 11th May, 2007

David Caruso

Okay, so I actually happen to quite like CSI Miami - mostly for David Caruso's character, in fact (Horatio Caine). But of course he's reknowned for the really cheesy lined and openers - which someone has gone and made a complete collection of video. When you watch it this ay, it really does seem excessively cheesy and bad.

Funniest TV series intro ever

Well, IMO. The most recent episode of Boston Legal (3x22 - Guantanamo by the bay) opened with one of the regular characters, Jerry Espenson, asking for his job back. Those unfamiliar with the character, he has aspergers syndrome, and is quite a strange little character.


Took until almost the end of the credits to sink in and then took me a few minutes to recover :)

Tuesday 17th April, 2007

Colbert's challenge

Greatest living American.

During the question and answer period before the April 11th show, he was asked if he ever considered doing any Google Bombing. After a brief explanation, Stephen replied, “I can do that? Great, I would like to be first on Google for Greatest Living American[source]

Okay people, we can do this :P

What have we learnt from history?

Some of you will remember the chaser skit where they went around to see who had learnt from the battle of Troy - who would accept a trojan horse as a gift? (Turkish embassy, perhaps?)

Well, this Easter they were testing what else we've learnt from history - Would religious people accept fruit from a serpent?

Thursday 11th January, 2007

Buying a Wii

Who'd have thought buying a Wii could be so difficult. I realised this is almost a month old now, but given how hard to come by these were in the US, doesn't exactly surprise me.

Buying a Wii.

Sunday 7th January, 2007

What if The Simpsons were drawn as Anime?

Just now while going through the latest headlines on Digg, I came across this piece of artwork which I thought was pretty cool: The Simpsons, Anime version - a "What if the Simpsons were drawn as Anime.

Sherri and Terri are drawn really well IMO.

There's also another one which is just as cool - the characters from Futurama drawn as Anime.
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