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Saturday 22nd July, 2006

Quit it

haha, I enjoyed this summary of what's going on with Israel/Hezbollah.

hezbollah: *whack*
israel: quit it
hezbollah: *whack*
israel: quit it
hezbollah: *whack*

Sunday 16th July, 2006

New webhost

You've probably noticed my site has been down since Wednesday. Or not. Who knows. Either way it has.

The business owner and all technical support were completely uncontactable - the second time it's happened this year. Basically, that was conidered unacceptable, so I've moved the site to a new provider. The good news? My site, and all other affiliated sites, are now hosted in Sydney, Australia, rather than in Texas. Response times should be much quicker now.

We'll see how this one goes over the next few months, but so far I'm happy :)

Tuesday 3rd January, 2006

Political bias

Ahhh, politics, what a fun way to piss off... uhh.... everyone.

So anyhow, political views. There's a nice lil survey/quiz thingy doing the rounds at the moment that gives quite useful/informative results. Sadly, I don't know about the accuracy with relation to party polocies. It's at anyhow.

Let's see. My results.


Monday 26th September, 2005

Religion gone stupid - ID.

More proof that our countries are becoming governed, and religious f- morons are forcing their BS beliefs onto us:

The largest US science society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), urged a Pennsylvania federal court Friday to prohibit an anti-evolution doctrine known as "intelligent design" in biology classrooms.

The organization and the US National Center for Science Education issued a statement, supporting students' parents to sue the Dover school district, Pennsylvania, against its decision to include " intelligent design," which says life has a God-like creator, in the curriculum of ninth-grade biology classes. [source]

The fact that these absolute idiots have to push to teach this rubbish which has so many holes in their argument for why it's "possible"... absolute fucking idiots.

Okay, obviously this angers me, yeah - because religious bullshit does anger me, especially when not only are laws being created by people trying to push their own religious adgendas, but they've now resorted to having to push it on to children at an age that they're too young to have all the facts or know how to balance right from wrong, or gather and examine evidence and arguments themselves. Force it into them at a young age, and give them no alternative but to believe their tripe.

Thursday 8th September, 2005

Law changes for California

A nice quote from the normally-gay-bashing repblican side:
"Engaging in social experimentation with our children is not the role of the legislature," said Assemblyman Ray Haynes, a Republican from Southern California."[source]

Yah. And telling people how to live their private lives is also the job of lawmakers. Pull the other one.

I hope Arnie signs off on this one, bringing California into the 21st century, not continuing to be arcane like many of the christian beliefs forced apon Americans through law :(

Edit: But of course, he's a republican. He wouldn't do that. *sigh*.

Thursday 14th July, 2005

Cherry slice

Last night I picked up some things from the supermarket, and a new Arnotts biscuit caught my eye - Cherry Slice.

I think it's official, I've found THE most awesome biscuit. I certainly hope these things aren't limited edition, and it's been decided - the cupboard is going to need stocking.

Edit: Hahah. I bought a packet of these into work today for the guys to try, and on the ingredients I noticed this:
Chocolate: 35% Cherry: 0.03% Coconut: 1.5%

Monday 27th June, 2005


Okay, so I hate smokers. Particularly when people smoke in public, crowded places.

Today I'm borderline on going insane with smokers, and am tempted to try an experiment (however deliberately very antisocial) one day: Just got nuts at smokers I come across at places like train stations, tram stops etc, where there's crowds, and make a huge fuss about them blowing smoke in mine (and others) faces.

Actually, I might know a person who would be willing to do that, hmm :)

Edit: Oh yeah, some manners when it comes to smoking.
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