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Saturday 19th July, 2008

Unnecessary censorship: Sesame Street

And now for something return more to the roots of this site:

Edit: Originally linked one was removed, updated with working copy.

Sunday 15th June, 2008

Keas and Crows

Over on QGL some guys informed me of these stupid smart Keas, often found in New Zealand, who seem to have this ridiculous ability to solve puzzles.

That reminded me of another video I'd seen a few years back - on how some Crows have managed to figure out a safer way to safely break open and feast on nuts that would normally be impossible for them to open.

Clever Bird

Damn smart birds!

Thursday 10th April, 2008

Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

The ARIA charts continue to confuse me. A few weeks ago I discovered the song 'Bubbly' by Colbie Caillat, which has been getting a reasonable amount of airplay. However I noticed that last week, it was sitting only down at number 11, and the week before that at #16 on the ARIA charts. On iTunes however, it was the #3 downloaded song.

Anyhow, it seems there's been a sudden surge in sales, with it jumping to #1 this week. It stil hasn't gone gold though even after 7 weeks in the charts - meaning it's sold less than 35,000 in 7 weeks and has still made it to #1. Man, CD sales must be low!

Just a strange random observation I felt like pointing out.

Wednesday 30th January, 2008

A novel idea

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I'm really losing faith in humanity today. First, a Cheeseburger in a can, and then... well... you decide.

Monday 28th January, 2008

Gummy Bear vs Potassium Chlorate

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Gummy bears of the world, watch out. I'm serious guys, when I get hold of a stash of Potassium Chlorate the world is going to become a very scary place for you guys to live in perpetual fear of abduction.

Simply the coolest video I've come across this week :)

Wednesday 5th December, 2007

All I want for Christmas is a Blinged-out Swarovski Wii.

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Holy crap, Swarovski certainly put a lot of Crystal into this one - they've gone and made a gorgeous Twilight Princess design from crystal pieces and encrusted it onto the side panels of a Nintendo Wii.

Twilight Princess Swarovski Wii

I wonder what this thing costs? I'm going to start the bidding with $craploads.

Sunday 25th November, 2007

Portal level 15 in 28 seconds

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This was a triumph, and is well deserving of cake.

Monday 15th October, 2007

Weighted Companion Cube

Just a heads up that Jason Holtman from Valve has confirmed that a Weighted Companion Cube plush toy will be available in time for Christmas.

RE: Portal - Feedback
From: Jason Holtman (

They've been in production for two months; they'll be here in time for holidays. Thanks for feedback, Oz.[source]

Sweeeet! :)

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