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Sunday 15th June, 2008

Keas and Crows

Over on QGL some guys informed me of these stupid smart Keas, often found in New Zealand, who seem to have this ridiculous ability to solve puzzles.

That reminded me of another video I'd seen a few years back - on how some Crows have managed to figure out a safer way to safely break open and feast on nuts that would normally be impossible for them to open.

Clever Bird

Damn smart birds!

Thursday 1st May, 2008

Star Day - May 2nd

Reminder - tomorrow is Starlight Day (formerly "Star Day") - there'll be volunteers hanging around most major train stations and shopping centers, so you can either donate or buy merchandise.

This year, we've 4,000 volunteers and will be aiming for AUD$2m raised. Can you help?

Sunday 28th October, 2007

A squirrels bold move pays off

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It's entirely possible this photo may just send the cute meter off the scale.

Bold move pays off.

Yes, I realise it's a photoshop, but still.

Sunday 26th August, 2007

And the number one reason why 'Miss USA' type contestants are stereotyped as 'stupid'...

Words cannot express my pain trying to watch this clip of Miss Teen South Carolina trying to answer the question (paraphrased) 'Can you explain why Americans can't locate the US on a world map'.
I'll take a quote straight from that page where the editor transcribes the interview:
Editor's note: It was painful typing this dialogue.[source]

I'm sure it was.

Update: A comment reply from another thread:
A simple "no" would have been fine...

Wednesday 22nd August, 2007

Annoying real estate agent habits

In my current RSS feeds, I have a few feeds subscribed to rental properties matching a certain criterion. It turns up maybe five a day virtually as soon as they're listed, of which maybe one or two are worth looking at.

There's a huge problem with all the remaining good ones though - pretty much all of them always say that the inspection date is the same day as when the ad was listed, hardly giving any notice to be able to make arrangements.

Why oh why do they insist on always doing this!? :(
Clearly there's enough demand for it to not be a problem for them though.

Sunday 17th December, 2006

A visit from some uninvited guests.

I meant to post this the other day, but beacuse a few things are still broken with file uploads etc, I was kinda delayed.

Anyhow, the other day I went and left the garage door open while I went for a ride. Came back home and some uninvited guests had invited themselves in, and were having a lovely little time in the ponds out our back yard.

Duckling pack
Duckling walk

I snapped a whole heap of shots, but I thougt these were cute enough to post.

Monday 9th October, 2006

North Korea's new toy

Would anyone like to further point out how utterly screwed we are now?


Monday 11th September, 2006

Appropriately clothed.

I found a shirt I want - the blue one on this page :)

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