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IRC in general

Addictive as hell, with a number of things to do, IRC every day gives over 750,000 people something to relieve their boredom.  Be it looking for help, or being helpful to others;  talking to friends locally, or halfway across the globe, or just talking to someone at random who claims to be female, or even playing games on IRC, theres always something to do.

For those (few) who don't know what IRC is - its basically a client/server protocol whereby a client connects to a server, alnog with thousands of other users - through this they can communicate, or chat as the better term is.

Larger networks consist of up to 50,000-130,000 simultaneous users - there are at least four networks of this size.  For the most of IRC, channels are used, although private conversations are also possible in exactly the same way.

IRCnet - the king of networks.

Well, there was once a time when I used IRCnet a lot, back when I was an oper and whatnot. Now though, I'm rarely seen there at all.  Its been around for around forteen years now, and has changed in many ways, but its still IRCnet.

Unfortunately there's no more local (Australian) servers. So now most clients are forced to use servers like

At present there are about 130+ IRCnet servers, in quite a lot of TLDs - to date, the maximum simultaneous clients IRCnet has had is around 125,000.  There are also roughly 32,000 channels with 85,000 users combined at any one time, on average.

Where do I idle?

This has changed a lot over the years.

On EFnet, I'm around #au-help, #virc, #c and #php.

On DALnet I idle around #virc, #ircd, and #aneiki

Finally, there's EnterTheGame - which I'll be seen sitting around in #ausgamers, #tnn, #nK, and #in.

You might think that's a few many to actually contribute to, and you'd be right in querying it - hey, you try actively contributing to up to and over thirty channels eight hours a day. Nup, not possible.

What nickname I use on IRC depends on the network, though as a general rule, EFnet = Akashra, ETG = TNN-Zero, DAL = Zero.

IRC Clients?

For those wanting a *good* IRC client... none of this mirc for scriptkiddies crap, try Visual IRC.

Jesse has been working on version 2 for a long time... we're up to 2.0pre5 at the moment.

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