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whoami ?

Reading over what was here, I just realised that this really did need updating!
I used to try to remain somewhat anonymous online, however now I dont care so much.

I'm now 20 years old, a Uni student, and I live on the east side of Melbourne, in Knox, which is populated enough for me.

Education?  sif we need that.

Yay, I've been waiting for the time I could update this section! TAFE's all finished - I'm now a Uni student, studing for a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Software Engineering). Some of it's interesting, some of it's really hard.


There was a time I played quite a few - basketball mainly - but now that there's no teams that I'm young enough to play in, I just coach. And that may change soon too - so pretty much the only exercise I get is running and skating (inline skating). Given the chance I'd love to get back into something though, if it's right.

So what about other hobbies?

Im heavily into stuff with computers... In an odd way.  By that I mean, I enjoy working with them etc, and doing whatever, but I dont really like having them take over my life, or being seen as completely involved with them by others.  Its not the image I want of myself, so at times, I really wish I could just get away from it all.

Like most people, I like going out with friends when I can.


Nup, dont really want one either.  The money would be nice so that I can actually do things and buy stuff, but I value my time, moreso my spare time.
What work I do is just contract work, and not a lot of it... but it's enough to get a bit of income every now and then.

Fav music, bands etc ?  Play any instruments ?

If you'd asked me this two years ago, I could have named a few. But right now, I listen to such a broad, eclectic range, and really don't have any favorites as such.

So anyway... Thats me in a nutshell. ("No, this is me in a nutshell...")

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