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I tend to be the type who starts a lot of projects taht never get finished.
It occured to me today that perhaps if others know what I am working on, their bugging me to work on it will help me make it more complete - as has been the case in the last few weeks the .rmbl .cgi script I've been writing.

MSNMIDlet (stuck)

MSNMIDlet is a MSN Messenger Java application designed for mobile phones, including and most specifically Nokia Series 40 devices (6100, 6610, 7210 and 7250). I'm a little stuck on it at the moment though, due to a few things with the emulator, and the fact that I don't actually own a recent phone (only an 8210). It's progressed quite quickly and quite well though, so should be rather impressive once I can get a working demo or version out.

AmpStats 1.0 (active)

AmpStats is a Winamp 2.x DLL designed for generating statistics and reports of the songs you play via WinAmp. The DLL is available on request. Currently, while it works, it's not release quality due to a few tiny bugs. Though, once it's running, it works perfectly fine.

It only occured to me recently that for a long time there's been no actual link to where you can find Ampstats to download :) Well, it's at Should be a new version out soonish (5/9/03 as I write this).

.rmbl (active)

.rmbl.  The Ramblings.  '.' being the Unix id for hidden files or directories.  Which is basically what it is.  Hidden.
Well, to most.
Some know about it.  I'm considering moving it so they don't.  Making it anonymous, and moving it somewhere that I cannot be linked to.  Simply because at the start, I wanted to get things out of my head... but didn't want things going out without an audience.  Talking to no-one never helps.
But now I can see the audience it has is the wrong audience.  Its' current audience involves friends - many I now see that I would be better off if they weren't knowing in the ways I depict them, the things that are going on in my head.
I guess that's the risk you take in putting a diary, journal, or whatever online, where anyone can anonymously read it. (halted)

/clanda is the website of the Melbourne Q3 clan Death Anomaly.  Again, simple design, but looks not too boring.
Basically its used for news amongst the members of the clan.

aequiparabilis (planned)

Due to the nature of this project, I'm not at liberty to reveal what it does until a working beta is available. Let's just say it involves file compression and storage, and that it's going to be a very useful tool.

Helix Content Management System (active)

Helix ( is designed as a Content Management System to rival all other CMSes. Much more powerful and efficient than using free alternatives like PHPNuke and PHPBB, It streamlines all features a site may want into a single package, including polls, news, files and forums. (active)

What can I say, its my website.
It's being changed now, so obviously its active.
I like the current design.  It's simply, which is what I was always trying to get.
Yet it doesn't look TOO boring.

QuakePing (finished)

QuakePing is a dll set for Visual IRC (and also works with mIRC) to ping and get details from Quake 3 game servers for use through IRC clients. The source and dll's are available by request through email.

ETABS (Elemental Tournament and Bracket System) (doormant)

ETABS is a tournament system which was originally designed for the TNN Warcraft III competition. It features ladder, round robin and bracket based play, and is aimed to make the running of large and small competitions and tournaments completely automated. A 'lite', cut-down version will be available publically for evaluation, and a professional version will be made available at a later date at a cost. The system is intended to be, once it is finished, the best and most versatile of tournament systems available.

AmpStats 2.0 (doormant)

AmpStats is a Winamp 3.x/WASABI Component which does basically the same thing AmpStats 1.0 does, but uses a MySQL database to store and retrieve all data for speed. It is currently not available publically due to it being in a far incomplete state, but it will eventually be made available once it is at production quality.

BlackWidow and 'Jacinta' (halted)

Both of these have just begun, so they're a long way off completion - but I can see already that it's going to be a lot of fun.  BlackWidow is a Privateer style game - and Jacinta is the game engine, based on the Wing Commander engine.

#define (halted)

Something that came with part of the idea of the #define IRC channel was a community based weblog to go with it.  That has now been running for a few months, and can be found at

DAL#define (halted)

After getting off OzOrg, I found the main problem I was having was that all the IRC channels on various networks I sit on were simply dead.  Well, nothing really was happening in them in the way of conversation, outside the help/technical channels.
I need a life outside tech support (more so the free tech support I give...)
So, I decided creating a channel, and somewhat manufacturing a community was an idea to try.  See how successful it becomes.  My idea was to take a handful of friends, and have them also drag a handful of their friends into the channel.  Attempt to see how well the inhabitants blend together, being from such different groups.

Crystal (halted)

About two years ago, myself and two friends, neither or which I know in person, decided starting an IRC network would be a nice idea.
The network never really grew, went through hundreds of changes, and ended up for a long period with only myself running it, the original two behind the idea leaving.  One of them I still talk to quite often.
But part of the development of this included improvements to the IRCD we used.
After many network name changes, 'CrystalNET' was decided on, the IRCD used for it being called 'Crystal'.
With many features (and some bugs), which put other IRCDs to shame, while still keeping control to the users, and not making the administrators look like gods - forcing the administrators to run something FOR the users, Crystal got up to a 0.3.7 version revision... which kinda says nothing.
But since then, It's gone nowhere.  Mainly because CrystalNET is now dead.

conduit (halted)

conduit is my second IRCD project.  Basically, I've taken the bahamut(pelennor) branch of IRCD used on DALnet, and started working on it to make it compatible with the IRCnet ircd, irc2.10.3p1.
There is full intent in this project to have multiple servers on the giant network run the ircd, and hopefully get the support of some others.  Unfortunately, it;s going to also cause some arguements, which we already know about.

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