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RaceTime - Australia's leading motorsport results website

Helix - Content Management System doing all the back-end work for the RaceTime sites, written by yours truly :P

RaceTime photo album - Photo sets for RaceNews and my own site, both at the same location. - Your online radio station, shoutcast all around.

#define - #define is a community based weblog, the site that goes with the DALnet#define IRC channel.

Neathosting - Our current webhost for all the RaceTime sites.

General stuff

slashdot - News for nerds. :)

UserFriendly - Daily Comics, The average (frustrating) life of tech support

Freshmeat - *nix applications, patches and other software stuff.

Think Geek - Hey, its not as bad as it sounds, really.

Everything Linux - The name says it all - Now really, what do YOU think the site might be about :P

Whirlpool - Long time running Australian Broadband news site.

Journals, blogs, weblogs, other sites.

Waferbaby - One of many journals/blogs I regularly read.

geekgirl dot log - May has some extremely good HTML/web designing skills. A good read.

Random Abstract - Formerly known as

Fuzzy's logic - Fuzzy's general weblog.

Quake news - Porto's home, coverage on games, etc.

Hear Ye! - Once again, a well known weblog. Took something of a break from his regular posting recently, but there's still plenty of content there.

Narilka - Zannah's sister.

More specific information, other sites.

Chicks suck! - Its a good laugh, but also has a serious side to it.  The link is here cos I coulnt agree more with it.

B-Teams Railgun info - Wouldn't having one of these things be cool?  Okay maybe not, but I like the idea of being able to fire a person at 55,000km/h using just a car battery.

BSAA Home user report - Wanna dob someone in for using pirated software? :) You get rewards for it too!

RFC2324 - Protocol information for the Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0)

RFC2795 - The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite

Flash games/links. (could be dead links)

3D Pong - 3D Pong. Hard.

Test your reflexes - What the title says.

MiniGolf - This one should also be pretty danmed obvious. A minigolf game :)

Bunny Game - This requires a hell of a lot of coordination. Trace your mouse through a very thin outline of a bunny.

Poke the bunny - Poke the bunny. Gives me a shock every time I see this one :)

Space Penguin - Fire a little penguin through space, affected by gravity and other objects, and get him back this spaceship.

Ping Pong - Ping Pong, not just pong this time.

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